Wednesday, November 15, 2006

“Thank you Lord, for Impact”

In the Spirit of the Holidays, we would like to express our thanks to God for all of His provision and blessing, especially the blessing of IMPACT. Here are what some members wanted to express:

"I am thankful for the Impact people that go outta their way to help me and others even when they don't deserve it" - Ashely Cooks

More “Thank You” notes to God...

The first grade girls on Wednesday nights are thankful for God, their family, friends, the entire 1st grade girls class, and Miss Ashely & Miss Chevone.

I am thankful for being God ‘s servant and praying he allows me to continue to spread his word to his kingdom. I am thankful for family and friends. -Chevone McKinney

I am thankful for the lessons I am learning from the Impact children. Some are wise beyond their years, and some just want to have fun. With that combination, ministry at Impact is an adventure!
-Laurie Templeton

I'm thankful for how God always provides. That can sound a bit trite and over-used, but I am continually reminded that during the ups and downs of ministry and what feels like a constant high-wire act of balancing limited resources, God always provides (sometimes through people like you) just what we need to accomplish what He has called us to do. -Patrick Lemmons

"I am thankful that Impact is a praying church, they will
never leave you without calling on God." - Barbara Garcia

I am thankful to work for a church that makes families a priority. I am thankful to work with men and women who love God and Jesus and are not ashamed of them. I am thankful for my wife and son. -Wesley J Fikes

Se compuesto mi vida. Impact ha cambiado mi vida. Soy muy bendecida. Hay mucho que contarme aqui. Es un privilegio estar aquĆ­. –Gloria Ponce

I am thankful to be part of a ministry that loves and serves physically and mentally challenged people.
I am thankful that Impact will be celebrating a twenty year anniversary in January 2007. I am thankful God has provided for Impact for 20 years by way of His wonderfully generous followers.
I am thankful underserved children have a place to learn about Jesus.
I am thankful that God loves people.
-Paul Woodward

“Over 20 years I think of all the people who are now waiting for the rest of us in Heaven. There are many who are now with the Lord, who came to faith through the outreach at Impact. There is quite a group from Ind. Hall: Vera Dement, Mary Foster, Ann Haley, Faye Miget, Ray, Bobby Kearns, Texas Dabney, Big John O'Laughlin, Ron Brown, and Sandra Luce.

Many of our "Outdoorsmen" lived a short time on the earth, but have eternity to enjoy the Lord. Some names that come to mind are: Dick, Danny, Cowboy, Ron, John, Bobby, Vladimir (Gary Polsgrove), and Jim Hatley. Several of them we helped unite with loved ones here. They will bless us with a grand reunion in the hereafter.” -Ron Sellers

Monday, November 06, 2006

Making an Impact in Cuba
Impact Members help send Minister to train Ministers.

With the help of Impact members and other friends, bilingual minister Steven Wells and local minister and professor at TGCBI, Armando Alaniz were recently sent to Cuba. Not the easiest trip to arrange, God made it possible for these two men to enter the country under a religious visa to present an educational seminar to 33 ministers from congregations scattered throughout the country. Experiencing a socialist society, striking differences made lasting impressions. Always punctual and very disciplined, the Cuban people look out for one another, which is a great quality, even if it is out of a deep rooted sense of duty to the state. The students took full advantage of their opportunities to learn about communication skills and teaching principles that they could take home and teach to their respective congregations. Every opportunity to gather is seized because they know that their religious liberties have limitations. They are free to spread their message of hope to a lost world, which is a freedom that is not taken lightly. Pray for the work in Cuba, as God has raised up passionate leaders, and dedicated churches who are grateful for what they are given and eager to make an Impact for Christ.

Bountiful Harvest Shows What CAN Happen

The Angleton Church of Christ congregation showed that nothing is impossible with God’s help. Last year, they collected enough cans to take care of the Impact Distribution Center’s need for the entire year. The day before the last can ran out, Angleton topped their efforts during their “Mission Possible” campaign where our own Les Rose was a featured speaker. The second night, Angleton made a special presentation of 10,445 cans of food for Impact’s food distribution. We expect this to meet another year’s needs for the homeless and needy families in our area.
Les Rose is thankful for the amazing outpouring of generosity by churches like Angleton and others that donate resources, time, financial help, and prayer support to fuel the ministries of Impact.

Fall Festival Fun

On October 28th, we loaded up two buses and six vans with 140 princesses, Spidermen, bunny rabbits, and cute little monsters. The Fall Festival at Memorial Church of Christ was an absolute frightening sucess! Many thanks go to Fall Festival Co-chairs Patrice McKinney, Connie McCaskell, and their hosts of volunteers. We love you and we cannot wait until next year's Fall Festival. -Laurie Templeton