Friday, September 21, 2007

Just Being Together

Not too long ago, the Hispanic part of the congregation hosted a get together at a park. Nothing big, just burgers, families, some playing soccer, some moms just walking around following their toddlers, others just hanging back chatting at the picnic tables, breeze blowing, storm blowing in.

There was no special event. Just families and friends together. We don't get enough of that it seems. No matter who we are. And you know what? The more we do that, the more we realize how great it is. We are just itching to be community. Enjoy the pics, and -hey, why not throw a party and invite someone (me) over?
Oh, here's an "aside." Yes, the rains came, right in the middle of cooking burgers and playing soccer. Not much changed. We covered up the grills, huddled a bit closer under the large pavillion, the rains were stomping down, but only ONE soccer player came in from the deluge, and HE had been playing in slacks and dress shoes. After 7 minutes or so the storm let up to a drizzle and we got back to grilling and eating. It was a truly laid back afternoon.