Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Middle School returns from Camp of the Hills tomorrow.  Look forward to posting pics.
Oklahoma churches swarmed our campus this week with one of the largest groups of workers to love on our kids and present a wonderful VBS along with our awesome staff!

As is our tradition, each year we pluck a group of our youngsters out of the concrete jungle and transport them to the mountains of Colorado to face the elements, discover new things about them selves, and experience the accomplishment of climbing a mountain.  We are proud of how they faced the challenge and excited for how that with be with them forever.





This week part of our High School group is in Colorado experiencing TREK!  Pray for their safety as they climb mountains, and pray for their hearts as they discover new things about themselves.  Pray for their Spirit as they see God’s wonders and Christ’s heart in their fellow hikers.

VBS is in its third week.  Each group that comes to visit us brings its own surge of energy and excitement.

Bible studies at Independence Hall, Liberty Island, and small groups in various homes and on campus continue to nourish our adults at Impact. 

We continue to serve out neighbors and those in need around us, feeding hundreds of families a week, harboring the homeless for moments during the week, and just being there for those who need someone in their life who cares.

Having celebrated Independence Day this past weekend, we are reminded of the great freedom we have to worship our Lord and serve Him as we do in this city and in this country.

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