Wednesday, October 10, 2007

(an excerpt from "Urban Wisdom")
Be careful that nobody tries to move you from your faith to the fear factor.
Protect your soul if you are often feeling like you’re in drowning waters of tears.
Don’t let anybody put you through storm and stress by trying to pull you down or drag you through confusion.
Know that Jesus is our life preserver when we give Him a deep cry for assistance during our storm.
So rest assure He’ll give you sophisticated comfort from trouble and doubt.
Don’t let anybody put you through storm and stress if it seem like we are going astray.
Stand in Christ as we count the ultimate sacrifice that can lead us into something prosperous.
Because we shall rise above our trauma with triumph and you’ll see or find that the presence of prayer is the most incredible powerful tool we can use.
Get perseverance if you’re going to make it through. Engage in spiritual combat to conquer anything through your storm. Have a realistic hope and you’ll never fail. Prosper spiritually as God becomes a great counselor when difficult situations arise.
Don’t grow weary if your road is hard to find. Know you can always come to smoother roads with a special relationship with the Lord.
Don’t let anybody put you through storm and stress over things that are not in your situation.
Just pay attention to the Lord to reach above your madness while trusting in your faith.
Know that God is so captivating He’ll never forsake us through our storm. But if times are hard have a valid spirit in the footsteps of faith Amen.
Pray your way through every kind of danger to have a strong foundation that’s suitable for any situation.
Don’t let anybody put you through storm and stress. Just pursue and plug into what is good.

Copyright 2003
ZOE conference!

Last weekend, Impact took its second group to a ZOE conference. This time it was in Nashville. Patrick Lemmons and Laurie Templeton took a completely new group this time allowing for more of our members to experience the ZOE experience. Unfortunately, there are no real ZOE photos, but notice that this group included four from our youth group who are very involved in worship planning and "worship technology." The group had a great time together, and came back excited about the things that they learned.