Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Charity is more than giving things to poor people. Charity is love, and that is what was shown at Impact in December. Sure, arranging the gift-giving between needy families, and families that wanted to be helpful was a taxing effort for the go-between ministers, Impact members and various volunteers, but it was well worth it to connect households through charity. Did the needy families ASK for help? Maybe in some instances, but rarely. Did the giving families and churches HAVE to give anything to these families? Not in the least. But there is something inside of us that enjoys giving to others, and that desires to make a difference or extend blessings to others. That "something" was put there by God, and these opportunities to give have been made possible through the dreams, passions, and determinations of His servants at Impact and various other churches in the Houston area. We plan on continuing in allowing families to continue to exercise their charity, just as we continue to minister to families and individuals who are in great need. That desire comes from God, and continues through the prayer and support of the many people who want to be a part of expressing charity: the grace that was first shown to us which overwhelms us to pass along to others. Please keep praying for Impact and for what God can do through you and us together for Him.

p.s. Let the blogger wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. My family is here to serve through the charity of the Kingwood Church of Christ. Thank God for them, and thank God for all of you who keep the work and ministries at Impact going.
Dios te bendiga,
Steven Wells and Family

Suit Up and Show Up, and God Will Do the Rest

Some days you don’t want to get up. Some days you just don’t want to face what you know is coming. Some days you just don’t know what to expect. Some days are like all the others, while others bring the unexpected. But you wake up and the day is here.

How do you see that day? Are you wondering where your next meal will come from? Maybe you have a good idea where you might find work, but you can’t seem to find enough change for the bus to get across town where the opportunity awaits, (if it still is available). Maybe you know that you will get what you need today, but the people you will probably see are just waiting to give you grief. Will you make it through the day without being abused? These are a few of the contemplations common in the “Wards” of downtown Houston, as well as many other places all around us.

Speaking with my buddy Darrell, I am always reminded of the kind of day it is going to be. Today is the Lord’s day. What a blessing just to be able to get up and breathe! But I’m not just gonna sit here and be glad to be alive. If this day was given to me by my Creator and God, then I know He has work for me to do. There’s a purpose for this day. Whether it turns out to be so similar to many other days, or whether it contains an unexpected turn, it is my job to face it. I need to be prepared for whatever He brings my way. This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.

But what if what today brings some horrible event? What if I’m faced with something I don’t feel like I can do? It doesn’t matter. God brought it to you. Your job in the morning is to “suit up and show up.” Outside of that, what are YOU going to do today really? Wake up with praise on your lips, suit up with the full armor of God in your morning time with Him. Go out into the world ready to serve, knowing that the strength you need for EVERYTHING will be given to you as He apportions it. Just suit up and show up, and God will do the rest. That is something worth getting up to see. That is something worth getting up to do.