Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Busy week!

Opportunity Camp blesses Impact youngsters!

Interns meet Impact elders.

Hispanic teens attend national youth event at Bammel Church of Christ.  Two of our teens decided to get baptized!

Truckloads of Gourmet Food provided groceries for hundreds of families.

Interns took the Urban Plunge to open their eyes to the homeless situation in Houston.

Much more goes on behind the scenes in preparation for VBS, etc.

Opportunity Camp Report!

Last week several of our youngest kids were taken to a special Gulf Coast Christian Camp in Columbus, Texas. Two churchs, one from Conroe and one from Canyon, Texas come out and put on a camp called Opportunity Camp! It is so named because of the opportunity that every camper has to receive tons of attention and guidance from their counselors and the staff.  “It is SO cool!” explains Suzy Gabriel who couldn’t stay away for a week.  “There are two teen buddies for every camper and you stay with your buddy 24/7! The kids are eating up all that individual attention! They don't want to go home!!”  This sentiment was reflected in the faces and body language of the children as they arrived back at the impact campus.  Suzy continues, “Lluvia told me the a lot of the kids were crying [that] morning, they didn't want it to be over. She said [a couple of campers] were bawling! I hate they were sad but, you know… that’s the little boy in them and they felt loved all week long! No garbage, no alcohol, no drugs, no yelling… just love! A little piece of heaven for them!!”  Thanks to the two churches who provided a wonderful week for these little ones from Impact.  They worked hard, played hard, but gently guided these little ones through an amazing adventure.  It was more than a camp.  It truly was “a little piece of heaven for them!!”

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Here is the JUNE edition of Impact News:
Summer is HERE!  Interns are here!  Students are out of school and here on campus!  Lots of things are happening!  Stay tuned for reports, but if you want more photos, updates, and ideas of activities, our Facebook page is one of the most active sites at the moment.  People are always posting photos and comments.  Check it out!  Most of all, keep praying for the work God is doing in downtown Houston through Impact.