Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When  Charlie Middlebrook went into the hospital early this year due to a severe stroke, fear and concern swept over his family, friends, and everyone at Impact. Prayer soon took over as passionate pleas went up to the Father.  As the photo to the  left documents, Impact ministers and members went to visit and pray with Charlie’s family in the hospital waiting room.  Other families were hurting, so the group invited all around to pray for the different families and their situations. Thousands prayed for Charlie’s healing and as of this writing he is walking and having some success communicating as he continues with therapy.   But what an amazing reminder of the need and power of sharing  concerns and faith in community!  A family was comforted, families were blessed, and throngs were able to participate in what God wanted to bring about.  We at Impact have learned this, and know that life in Christ is life is to be shared.  We cry when others are crying.  We celebrate when others celebrate.  We admonish one another in love and in the Word.  We spur one another along.  We love one another with a love so special we are compelled to share it with others.  We seek those who are hurting and needy and give that love away so that what we have will be planted in their souls as well.  Just as several friends cheered Impact Children's Minister, Laurie Templeton in the Houston Marathon (LEFT), we are here to encourage one another along ..for another 24 years, if the Lord wills.   -Steven Wells

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